Regnier Extreme Screen Theatre

Group & Field Trip Visits

Due to the pandemic, we are not booking any groups for the Regnier Extreme Screen.

What You’ll Experience

This 3D Digital Theatre offers a variety of educational and entertainment films and first- and second-run movies. At five stories tall and 80-feet wide, the theatre has the biggest screen in the region. Projectors offer crystal clear and stunning images sure to amaze any crowd. Bring your group to see amazing educational films on the largest screen in the Midwest.

Group shows are available for any of our educational films at a rate of $5 per person, for a minimum of 10 people.

Groups of 50+ can choose to view any one of our educational movies. Please contact a team member at [email protected] for a list of educational movies to choose from.

Note: Groups may also book a first-run movie, however, no group rate can be applied.

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